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[icon] reality is the new fiction
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Subject:How You Know You Are In a Lesbian LTR
Time:05:53 pm
...To Be Added to Over Time:

1. Your partner turns to you and says "OK, now let's look at cat palaces." Whoa.

*LTR -- Long Term Relationship
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Time:04:05 pm
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic

Six years later and I'm back. I doubt a soul is reading and I would prefer to keep it that way. Six years let's see: Livejournal, Myspace, Facebook. I did skip on the other outlets. I re-read some of what I wrote here and think a lot of what I wrote was bullshit but necessary. I think I captured my life then, correctly. Though it doesn't really matter now because things have changed. 

And then I thought: it would be nice to record my current life somewhere. I've always been horrible about physical journals and it feels rather secretive. I kind of want to be/ but I don't. I think I'd like to write about my life now.

Six years pass and old people are out -and some are still here- and mostly new people are in. 

I'm in a weird place where I don't know exactly what I want. What is correct, I do not mean who.

Otherwise, everything is great. Today I've been on a weird search for old people and old memories. I guess the holiday feeling is getting to me. I hope no one is dead; God I would hate to relive another nightmare.

Edit: Really need to change this password. Sad Sad Sad that I can still remember it. 
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Current Music:sleater-kinney - the woods
Subject:I've had my heart ripped open, then mended-- only to be ripped out all over again
Time:09:35 pm
Current Mood:gratefulgrateful


So Sleater-Kinney was AMAZING yesterday. It was a hell of a process to finally see them, but it was all worth it.

Tuesday 8.1.06

The show was originally scheduled for Tuesday. I met up with Sean and Emily, then tried to go record shopping with Sean. We got at the 9:30 Club at around 4pm. Doors opened at 7:30pm. It was a day of record heat. Anyway I sweated a lot, minor headaches here and there but nothing too horrible. We get into the club, good front row spot. Rogers Sisters play, pretty good. Roadies are setting up for S-K with 20 min to go and then a 9:30 rep comes and says the show is cancelled because they're afraid a transformer was going to blow or something, at orders from the Fire Marshall. So we all evacuate safely, with mouths wide open. It was tough, seeing all those sad people on the streets, unaware if S-K would ever reschedule. Especially since these were their last shows before the "indefinite hiatus"

Wednesday 8.2.06

I wake up at around 9am, and my sister comes and informs me that Sleater-Kinney and 9:30 Club have already rescheduled for Friday. It was a grand relief, and I have a nice Wednesday. I know some people were really pissed though still, because some had to travel back wherever they originally came from/etc.

Thursday 8.3.06

I decide to skip work, especially since I'm not "officially" on the schedule. Had been planning on getting to the venue around 2-3pm this time, by myself. Sean calls around 1:30pm or so and says he's already at the venue, so it's all good. I get there around 3pm. It feels even hotter this time around, even though I am prepared with my own water bottles and umbrella and fan. I guess I was pretty dehydrated. Mmm but creamsicle ice cream helped. but then I had another splitting headache, it felt worse this time, I would not stop sweating and my face was redder than a tomato. but hey I'm still alive.

I got an even better spot this time. Right in front of Carrie. French Toast opened, S-K was on by 9:30pm. They opened with 'One Beat' and it was so awesome. Honestly, the show didn't feel like 2 hours. They played all of "The Woods" and several from "Dig Me Out". So I was a sweaty mess by the end. They came back for an encore and ended that with 'Words and Guitar,' which made the crowd go hysterical. They waved goodbye, and we were all shocked when the house lights came on. Most of us stayed though and continued to cheer. Then, the house music came on. and I was like "damn give me a break" and nobody left and maybe it was 5 min or more but finally the lights dimmed and S-K came back for two more songs. The last song played to DC was 'Dig me Out.' Unbelievable. So Carrie threw her pick, I managed to get it. I also managed to get a setlist, it was a perfect night for me. Umm except for the fact that I may never see S-K live again. which is why they all broke my heart all over again.

but that's O.K. I caught some of their performance at Lollapalooza not too long ago- live on AT&T's website (plug).

but the end is near. It's depressing. Who wants to buy me tickets to Portland. Seriously.
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Current Music:mary timony - ant's dance
Time:01:01 pm
Current Mood:relaxedrelaxed
things i plan to buy

michel gondry/spike jonze/chris cunningham music video collection DVD

chronicles of narnia special edition

new yorker cartoon caption t-shirt with the michael shaw print

some things from the andy warhol museum site

more thai food yummy

laurence olivier's audio disc of him reading the bible

camper twins in my size

camping equipment

more novels

i gotta go. see ya
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Current Music:catherine - pj harvey
Subject:cuddling, stalkers, pervees
Time:11:34 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
like wow...........

I know you discovered me, and I'm beginning to discover who you are, but your words just send my heart racing everytime I talk to you ..even on the most trivial things. This is amazing, you have me whirlwind.

let's talk some more, though I hope you don't know about this page.. it's just that I find myself needing to be vocal about you. Constantly.
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Time:06:05 pm
I really want this phone, it's super-neat:

Image hosting by Photobucket

isn't it
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Time:11:56 am
the queue list, netflix style:

at home:
1 Six Feet Under: Season 5: Disc 1 [shipping]
2 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe [yet to watch]
3 See the Sea [fucking creepy like Burt told me, but it froze when i was trying to finish watching it today! I only had like 20 min left! I'm pissed!]

The rest to come eventually:
Good Night, and Good Luck.
The Seventh Seal
My Neighbor Totoro
City of God
The Work of Director Michel Gondry
Lost Highway
Last Days
The Passion of Joan of Arc
The Short Films of David Lynch
East of Eden

anyway I'll probably add more later tonight. I'll take recommendations :)
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Subject:one of those weeks...
Time:09:51 am
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
Like once a year there'll be a week where all the great bands are playing in the area, maybe twice if you're lucky. This is that week for me, only amplified.

Sat 3.18 Amateur and Hottbeat played at the Warehouse Next Door
Sun 3.19 Medications played to a soldout Blackcat
Wed 3.22 Partyline plays at the Warehouse
Thu 3.23 Jenny Lewis w/ the Watson Twins play at the Birchmere
Fri 3.24 Ted Leo Rx play at a soldout Blackcat

and that's all I know so far...
First week of spring, and even though it snowed it looks promising.
I have two dates coming up- yay for me
Today I sat at a table for lunch, parallel to some random girl...
she recognized me from a while ago.. A GLBT event, she tells me she's a part of the DC Drag Kings, though doesn't look masculine whatsoever. Tells me I should show up to one of their events at Mason. {not a date. but still cool.

I don't know what it is, but me and Robin are having the best weeks ever! haha

the bad thing at the moment, is that I only have a bar of battery left in my cell. Great.
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Time:01:25 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
Image hosting by Photobucket
enough said. i'm so there, tickets arrived today.
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Time:08:34 am
Current Mood:cynicalcynical
So Elizabeth Fuhrman's film 'The Day of Silence' is playing this Sunday, March 5th at the Goethe Institut at 3:45pm... that's also the slated time for the rest of the themed "Out & Proud" films, so I'm not sure which will play first. Anyway I'll be there, hopefully on time! -I won't be free until 2pm. Looks like it cost $11 to see the films beginning at 3:45 that day, $8 if you're a student. So..... yeah. I am bored to tears.

The link..
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[icon] reality is the new fiction
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